Mersin Integrated Health Campus Project

Versatile system

Total Beds Capacity : 1.253

List of Hospitals within the Campus : General Hospital, a Cardio-Vascular Hospital, a Oncology Hospital, a Children’s Hospital, a Woman’s Hospital and a Psychiatry Hospital

Other Structures in Project : Technical Services Building and underground closed Parking lots with total capacity of 3759 vehicles are designed to be entirely embedded into the ground.

Special Features of Project : Cogeneration units, green building principles, provision of services by DİA for 25 years duration. Health campus shall serve to Mersin city along with nearby cities.

Project Basics : 1.800.000 m3 Excavation, 860.000 m3 filling, 330.000 m3 Concrete Works, 23.000 tons Rebars, 875.000 m2 Formwork, 28.000 m2 Asphalt Paving, 340.000 m2 Floor Covering

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