Stage nurse call is the entry level system of the ZKR nurse call system. This solution is an analog based structure.

It consists of  Nurse call panel, Call reporting and notification software to record and report all events, Room control units, Call units with extra functions, Overdoor warning lamps, Lamp control unit to control the room’s lights.

The product is an intelligent unit which have microcontroller RTC and E^2 in it. Unit can operate by itself or through the computer. Mode settings are available. When operates at master mode, will give response and all informations displayed on screen comming from adres modules. At slave mode will display on screen only informations coming from address module. There are five displays on call panel which is showing values such as time, temprature and others. System communicates via RS485 modules. Other adjusments can be performed manually by computer.

  • The call and the declaring location where the call is made.
  • Can manage the system on his own.
  • 4 Digit time and temprature display. 
  • 4 Digits are used as the main indicator for the last call.
  • 4 Digits X4 lines used to indicate previous incomming  calls.
  • Emergency case and nurse is in room cases displayed by LED’s.
  • Events are announced by voice event buzzer as different voices depending on type of event.
  • Adjusments can be made through computer.
  • Can manage 99 patient room.

Room control unit is suitable to install as surface-mounted. As a standard, 4 beds, 1 WC and 1 bathroom.Continues to operate witout outside power support. 

  • It supports 4 bed, 1 WC and 1 bathroom
  • Can operate without power input
  • Its easy to adress with dip switches 

Lamp control module is the module that must be added to system when there is a lamp check. 1 module is enough for 4 bed patient room. With the lamp and reading lamp buttons on the patient handset; lightning elements can be controlled.

Patient hand unit provides more facilities for patient to send emergency request easily, and to control room's lights and reading lamp. Unit works though connection to bed set unit hand set allows to  inform emergency of the patient's to the nurse  . Connect  to  bedside unit  to  works with an ergonomic form. It's easy to use, and it has been further strengthened with visual help logos  Intuitive visual aids are directed according to the needs of the patient and LEDs on confirmed sending call  to the nurse.

Bed Set Unit is used in the patient rooms. In an emergency, a patient uses the call button to make an emergency call which appears as a signal on the nurse console. There are call and cancel buttons on the unit which are backlit and modern. Console is mounted on the patient headboard. Bed Set unit is connected to the headboard unit via RJ45 socket.

  • This product is also a tool unit for the hand set unit to be connected.
  • Can be flush mounted. Ergonomic.
  • RJ45 socket provides easy installation.
  • High quality ABS raw materials.
  • Call and Reset buttons are lighted with leds so they are easy to notice.

Wc Call Unit is used in the bathrooms of patient rooms. In an emergency, patient pulls the rope making an emergency call. Appears as a WC Emergency call on nurse console.  System gives priority to WC Emergency calls and appears before other calls. There is a call reset button and emergency call rope on the unit. It’s backlit and modern.

Overdoor Corridor Lamp is located above room door in the corridor. Half-sphere shape makes it easy to notice. So if there is an emergency in the room it can be noticed easily. It warns with three different colors. Red, green and blue. The color depends on the call. Flush mounted above doors. If unsuitable can be mounted with surface mounted box.

  • Maintenance-technical support free plug and play architecture.
  • 3 different main colors (blue, green, red)
  • Ability to achieve different warning colors by mixing primary colors,
  • Very low energy consumption and environment friendly thanks to its LED design.